26 Nov

Julia convinced me that we were going to wake up at 4 this morning to go shopping.

Alarms at 4 in the morning are the most painful kind. I heard her voice, still half asleep, after the alarm stopped blaring. “Sun, do you think the mall will still have parking spots if we sleep for another hour?” “Yup,” I said, even though I was pretty sure they wouldn’t.

So we slept until 5, then braved the freezing rain and drove to the mall. Luckily, we got the last parking space.

I crashed from my excitement high about halfway into the trip. I checked two presents off of my list and got a dress for myself. So it was a relatively successful day.

Julia made me oatmeal when we got back. Speaking of Julia, you should check out her blog. Even if you hate her food, you’ll love her pictures.


The rest of the food day was uninteresting. I ate lots and lots of leftovers at odd times of the day. Like pie for breakfast.

And I went to the local diner with a high school friend, Emily, who I hadn’t seen since June. I ate french fries and we caught up with each other about school and life.


My parents decorated for Christmas while I was at lunch with Emily. My mom had me make her pomanders out of oranges and cloves. Technically, they’re not food, but they smell amazing and everyone should make them.

You need: oranges and cloves, a sharp object, ribbon

1. Take an orange and poke a bunch of holes in it.

2. Stick the cloves in the holes.

3. Glue a bow to the top.

4. Wait for the orange to shrink down over the course of a few months.

I started work on a more intricate one, but we ran out of cloves. My mom will just have to finish it.


I’m sad to be leaving home tomorrow, but excited to get to see all of my school friends again.


24 days until Christmas!

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