Hotel Breakfast

23 Nov

I had breakfast with my parents at their hotel on Sunday morning. To them, 7 in the morning is waking up late. To me, 7 in the morning is the earliest I’ve woken up since I worked full time this summer. No makeup, no shower, I looked like a Hot Ass Mess.

But who am I to pass up a free hotel breakfast?

It was buffet style, with limited vegan options. I made it work though.

Pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and homefries.

The concert went really well. Saturday was probably the best night we did all weekend. They finally got the temperature right so people weren’t passing out left and right. And I managed to stay standing and singing for the entire program.

Unfortunately, my brother got sick and my dad had to stay at the hotel with him, but my mom and sister got to come. My uncles Bert and Gary were there too and so was Nick. It made for a cute little family circle of love after the concert 🙂

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