I should find a tree all covered in mangos…

18 Nov

Juicy mangos, fat and well-fed.

(Snaps to the first person to guess the name of the musical I’m referencing. I’ll give you a hint –I was in it in middle school and I crimped my hair for opening night.)

How To Cut a Mango

1. Lay the mango on a cutting board. Take a sharp knife and cut the ends off. This will let you see the way the pit is facing.

You can kind of see it on this one. The pit is facing horizontally.

2. Peel your mango.

3. Next, lay the mango on one of its cut, flat sides. Take your knife and, starting at the top near the pit, cut downward. The trick is to follow the curvature of the pit.

4. Finally, cut the mango into small pieces (or leave them like slabs and eat them with your hands).

So I’ve been severely lacking in the blog posts lately. I’m going to try to get back on it but I only like to post when I have something interesting to write about. I don’t want to make this thing just a list of what I eat at every meal.

However, I did make an amazing chocolate avocado mousse last week. I promise I’ll post the recipe and pictures within the week.

1 week until Thanksgiving –get excited!!

Also, huge shout-out to the Food section of the Washington Post for their vegan Thanksgiving recipes in today’s issue (scroll to the bottom of that linked article)! I’m planning on seeing a few of those on my dinner table next weekend.

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